Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Taste of SL Week 54 ~ The Dog Days of Summer

Stay Cool Poses ~ 75L

Sassy Summer Poses ~ 75L

Summer Lovin' Casual Set ~ 99L

Hot Days, Hotter Nights
 Free gift to TOSL Shopping Group/wear your tag!

Water Wings Female & Male ~ 40L each

Hoot! ~ 60L

Warm Summer Night Dress ~ 50L

Beach Ball Poses ~ 60L

Lace-up Bikinis Stripes ~ 100L

Beach Bunny Swimsuit ~ 50L

Tied Bold ~ 100L

Cuddles ~ 75L

Summer Shape ~ 69L

Sunday Straw Tote ~ 75L

Couples Dance Fountain ~ 50L

In Between Couples Pose ~ 50L

Summer Nails ~ 75L

Ultimate Tyra ~ 75L a pair

Dog Days of Summer Set ~ 75L

Summer Breeze Set ~ 150L

Dog Days of Summer Shorts & Tanks ~ 99L

Paisley Bandanas ~ 50L

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