Saturday, July 30, 2011

SBS - Super Bargain Weekend #1

This weekend marks the very first two-day long Super Bargain Weekend (July 30 +31, 2011)! Not only do you get an extra day to shop, but all the items are located in one place, with the location changing monthly. All items are L$ 60 unless otherwise noted.

True Love Never Dies - New Coffe Table Cream

Clutter - Guest Bedroom, or The Lodge Chair, or The Lodge Couch

Here I am trying out the Guest Bedroom...

Awesome Blossom - Pembroke Gardener's Cottage, or Prembroke Gardener's Cottage Accessories

Bebe Doll - Lilly Summer Dress (2 different versions sold), or Printed Beach Dress

Zoobong - Veda Tanks (Hunt Edition), or Vedas Tanks (Jesus Edition), or Edah Shorts (Wavy Edition)

Argyle Anonymous - Dungaroos (L$ 45), or Baby V-Neck Stripe Aqua, or Deep Pocket Skirt Salmon

La'Licious - Rowboat Flowers, or Coastal Meadows Memory Shelf, or Coastal Meadows Lamp

Haute Monde - Hondo Pumps in Pink and Cream, or Tan and Cream

Aura - Low-Rise Worn but loved Jeans

[JEM] - Long Dress Top -femme- (front view)

(back view)

Kis Kis - Potted Dandelions, or Pillows 6-pack

nestle my bosom - polaroid prop pose set, or set of 3 SBS Exclusive Tees (L$ 50)

Sway's - Picture Wall - Mermaid, or Beach Towel - Starfish or Easy Chair

Thistle Homes - Little Public Library

Virtual Insanity - Redox Tattoo, or 1964 Earrings, or The White Swan Earrings

In the barn you will find: Kis Kis Gacha! Effect Eyes for L$ 20 per play

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