Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grenade-Free Wednesday August 31

Time for Grenade Free Wednesdays, where items at the stores of the Jersey Shore sim are marked down for the day!

Fear Yourself: Sneakers in Shocking Colors or Jamaica - L$ 40 each

Elemental: Crazy Daisy Necklace + Earrings, Chrysocolla + Gold - L$ 85

Infatuation: Vogue Pack I or Human Airplane - L$ 75 each

Taste Of Ink Tattoos: Consuela Shape - L$ 100

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

^v^ Woeful Wednesday ^v^ August 31

^v^ Woeful Wednesday ^v^ is here again, with items new or previous items marked down to L$ 50. Some require a ^v^ Woeful Wednesday ^v^ group tag to buy, so make sure to join the group!

Damage, Inc.:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moody Mondays Week 21

Just like every week, Moody Mondays brings you a list of interesting designers offering some of the very best merchandise in SL. All merchants on this list have a new or exclusive edition item out for just L$55 - Monday, August 29!

A special welcome to Cracked Mirror, and her store Cracked Mirror! Cracked Mirror features a variety of really unique clothing - you will never see yourself the same way again!



Cracked Mirror

Piddler's Perch

RezIpsa Loc




Zoe's Garden


Gems & Kisses


Red Robin

Home by JLZ




Park Place

Tranquility Way

Vanitas Vesture




Lazy Sunday - Week 66

Welcome to Lazy Sunday, where all items are L$ 75 or less!