Saturday, July 23, 2011

Project Themeory - Week 59 Laying In a Rainstorm

MIA as of this posting, Posh, Slutcookie. 

Olive Juice ~ Puddle Jumpers 75L

Peqe ~ Tee's, Thunder or Lightning 75L each

[what next] ~ Rainy Day Pose Props 75L

croire ~ Necklace & Brooch 75L

Intrigue Co ~ Duck Raincoat Unisex ~ 75L

Kis Kis ~ Floor Pillow Set w/3 Animations 75L

+mocha+ ~ Gardening Boots 75L

Modest House ~ The Caffrey Skybox 75L

Raw House ~ Gentlemans Stache 10L

Willow ~ Rain Drop Necklace 75L each

CheerNo ~ Umbrella with Rain 75L

Nordari ~ Catch The Rain 75L

Candy Mountain ~ Weather Leggings 75L each

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