Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mee & Roo Festivale

Some of your favorite designers have come together for this very special event.  Meeroos have swept the grid, including us, winning us over with their cuteness.  All of our creations have been inspired by the roos, and are either for you, your home, or your roos, and everything under 200L!  Running for ONE weekend only, don't miss out on this special event! 

*~*HopScotch*~* Floating Meerootreat 200L
*~*HopScotch*~* Poser-Roo (head, arm, shoulder, bendover) 40L each

Jolly Farm Meeroo  Shoes 200L
Wildberry Nibble 25L
tail and ear set 100L
meeroo burger nom 100L

*Evie's Closet* Bug-A-Boo Fairy Pie-Pack  350L
or 175L each

=HooT= Summer Pergola (Beach Blue Edition) 100L
=HooT= Summer Pergola (Brown Striped Edition) 100L
=HooT= Summer Pergola (Blue/Green Edition) 100L

=HooT= Like a 'Roo Eyes 25L each

Vanitas Vesture - Quixotic Party Dress - Ursine 150L

* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Roo Tee's! 10L

Spyralle M&R Special Edition Tops 50L each

Little Boxes Shroom Meeroo Display 65L
Little Boxes Land Deco Set 55L
Little Boxes Mushroon Table Set 75L

:+:SS:+: Grass Mat & Granny Cushions Set 200L
:+:SS:+: Granny's Cushion (Cobalt) 50L
:+:SS:+: Granny's Cushion (Green) 50L
:+:SS:+: Granny's Cushion (Orange) 50L
:+:SS:+: Granny's Cushion (Turquoise) 50L

!Leafy - Clover Skin 150 Each

.la petite morte. japanese habitat 150L
.la petite morte. desert habitat 150L
.la petite morte. personalities poses 100L
.la petite morte. pine makeup set 75L
.la petite morte. masked makeup set 100L

Star Salt Make ups 25L each

menvra Gold Brocade Pedigree Pillow 50L each

Kari - Lumen Rune 160L each
Kari - Roo Crystal - Red 150L each
Kari - Stump - Green 150L each
Kari - Mushroo - Toad 150L each
Kari - Rock pile - Brown 125L each

fri. - Mee.Roo Bracelet 150L each

~TV~ Prop Art ~ Mee & Roo Festivale stage 200L

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