Saturday, July 2, 2011

La Venta Eventa - week 5

A weekend sales event, running from Friday Night, 9pm till Sunday at midnight.  Eleven categories, top designers. Everything will be marked 100L or less, all weekend long!

Skins - 100L each

Hair - 100L for the package

Summer Cottage - 100L

Little Boxes Corner Nook - 100L

Low Pulled Jeans - 89L

Cross Boxers - 88L

Not out yet

Loren Shape - 50L

Bird Mobile - 50L

Divers Helmet Necklace - 100L

11 . Doremi
Applewood Cottage - 50L
Skybox: Luckstone - 50L

Comfy Couch Set - 100L

Halter Dress - 100L

14. A:S:S
Radu Coat - 60L

15. Larnia
Sparkle eyes - 75L

Embody Shape - 99L

Alice's Book Club - 1L

10 Poses - 95L

Greetings Chasey Barnside!

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