Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grunge Soul Project #2

New Grunge Soul Project collection now out!!
Session two July 6th to July 21st.
(Click on Picture to see Larger Image)

:: MOJO :: SKIN 100L
:F: Paige . GSP Edition Skin 100L
:F: Ivan . GSP Edition Skin 100L

.::Divine::. Aradia Eyeshadow  75L
.Pekka. Roberta Shape GSP Exclusive 100L
[Al Vulo! Skin ] - [ pollon ] - [ million dollar baby ] 75L

 [Katcide] Melina Tan BH Special for  86L
*JeSyLiLO*:::Gsp:::*TanSkin* 90L

- DAMNED - Alice Skin - Special GSP 99L
V.E.L - lila shape  100L
V.E.L - ET fawn makeup 100L
::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Fortune"  for {GSP} 99L

Cosa Nostra Harris shape 100L
.ID. Day & Night Eyes for GSP 75L

Shape Dedelf {Grunge Soul Project} 80L
Shape bad GIRL {Grunge Soul Project} 80L
[Katcide] Melina Shape  86L

::[annaA]:: Body Shape "Stephan"  for {GSP} 99L
.Pekka. Johny Shape GSP Edition 100L

Angel - Juliet ( 4 Colour ) for GSP 99L
Angel - Romeo_ GSP 99L
[IREN]GSP-Betty each color pack 149L
Me-I = Leo.G (4colors) 100L
Me-I = Tidus (4 colors) 100L

{BAZINGA} Top Pearly Black/Gold  75L
{BAZINGA} Naevia Jeans Black  100L
-SU!- Skulls Mess Dress *Special For GSP* 95L
Waffle! Carny Shorts [magenta] *GSP* 50L

[y] - Die Bitches Set  *GSP* 80L
>>>Poison<<< +Bal+ Candela bag_for GSP 75L

Spirit Store GSP Tanusha Shirt green 59L
.:: X-RaY  ::. TeAL FLaShY oUtFit 50L
KristicA - Cyprus violet (GSP) 95L

{.:MuNiQuE:.} - Summer Outfit Top - Purple 70L
Spirit Store GSP - Chio baggy jeans 100L
!! Splendeurs !! Gold Edition - Coarsa Bikini 85L
*MUKA* Stripy (Grunge Soul Project) 85L

{.:MuNiQuE:.} - Hot Bikini Purple 70L
SOURIRES - Marianne Shirt (Femme) - GSP 85L
!Admiral Spicy! GSP Bow Collar 69L
*** OHARA absolute sunset butterfly top *** 50L

** OHARA One Leg Jeans-Dark Ripped ** 90L
.phresh. a f r i c a : eye make-up 50L

..::DeliciouS::.. Summer pearls GSP 75L
[AB] Lorjo dress v1 60L
:Sticky fingers: My biker girl outfit GSP 80L

.:A&M:. Double Layer Top - Grunge Soul Project - Session Two 80L

{Katcide} Blacked Pack 69L
rerty shoes botinne maron 99L
[Acide!] Turquoise perly kiss 80L

!! SPLENDEURS !! Outfit Nr. 18 100L

=Razorblade Jacket= Murder Scene 88L
=Razorblade Jacket= Safety Dance Denim Jeans 99L
=Razorblade Jacket= Exessive Force Shirt  77L

[Acide!] Nightmare of Metal V2 ( Bracelet ) Male 85L

rerty Supa-R black 99L
Rerty Simple T shirt Red 75L
rerty SERWELL black 99L
**Ohara Squre Shirt Butcher ** 90L

[AB] Mik Jacket white 75L

[AB] Shirt Nills kaki 50L

- DAMNED - MyFavLovSongs Vol.1 /Special for GSP 75L

rerty SERWELL black  99L
rerty Supa-R black 99L

::[annaA]:: Face Piercing "Shame" for {GSP} 66L
.Pekka. Clush Pierced Tongue GSP Exclusive 100L

GB : Grunge Soul Unisex Exclusive 95L

[GLUE INK] *~Young Rich Famous Check Baggy Shorts~* RED 99L
V.E.L - flying lyrics tattoo - GSP.* 85L

[Acide!] Enlace moi V2 Unisex 85L
.:: Delusions ::. GSP Special Bulletproof & Fear Me Tattoos 90L

>>>Poison<<< Dark brown jeans 80L
!! SPLENDEURS !! Sunglasses - Green 85L

::TOXIC KITTY:: Unisex Plaid Hoodie  99L

[Acide!] Dead Perly Kiss 85L

DEF! Sneakers/Manifesto/Hi/Black & White 100L

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