Friday, July 22, 2011

La Venta Eventa - week 8

A weekend sales event, running from Friday Night, 9pm till Sunday at midnight.  Eleven categories, top designers. Everything will be marked 100L or less, all weekend long!

Alma 06 (skin) - 100L

Couldn't find it

3.  Kis Kis
Green House - 99L

Teaghlach dining room - 60L

5.  Miao
Cadence Locket Ring - 100L

Couldn't find it (not out yet possibly)

7.  Squeek
Broken heart dress - 65L

I couldn't find the item, but I found something on sale. :-p
Lustful Piercings (unisex) - 50L

9.  Stakey
Sippin Soda - 75L

Desert at Dusk Skysphere - 100L

Fucifino is having internet problems, and hopefully will be out later... 

12.  Touche
Juicy Brakini - 100L

13.  Entropy
Clivia - Female Shape - 100L

14.  .roobix.
Vines of Adam - bodycover - 90L
Vines of Eve - bodycover - 90L

Provocative (couples pose) - 75L

Greetings Chasey Barnside!

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  1. My items are out now! Sorry about not having the items out!