Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Buy me - Latex suit

Parx - Nesha Necklace

Woeful Wednesday Merchants

Today's Woeful Wednesday Merchants---check them out! Never know when you'll be needing a spare pair of undead eyes!


Saturnine Dreams

Relics of Kadath
*Get it on the Marketplace!*

PinkMare's House

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

69L Hump Day Happiness - Week 73

Not sure what's going on with HumpDay but the
number of vendors each week is dwindling. :(

annnd that's it so far. If more come forward I'll add them in the morning.

50 Of A Kind- First Week

This event will be a bi-weekly event that will feature 15 popular and up-and-coming designers that will create a new and exclusive item. The catch? Only 50 copies of this item will be available EVER and will be marked either 200L or more!

Peque 300L

Magoa 200L

Plastik  769L

Couldn't Get a Pic of the dress and Tattoo and There were only 7 Left when i was there

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fashion Garrett #5

-LaViere Halter Romper (Peach) For Fashion Garret 70L

gato Ice Cream Bootie 70L

[N'soul] Shirt&Bra Sarah - White 50L

[GIEREH] - denise/shirt/black - [FEMME] 70L

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Taste of SL Week 39-March Madness

It was a free week for the designers in TOSL this week. Lots of neat stuff!

Alexohol 50L (each color pack)

Chic Boutique 3-26 to 4-09






Super Bargain Saturday Week 64

!bang 60L

SUYS - So Boho - Mar 26-27

Project Themeory: Culture Shock!!!!!!

Culture Shock! POW right in the kisser!

MIA: POSH (not out yet.)

MIA: Atelier (not out yet)

MIA: Peqe (not out yet!)

This is interesting outfit. 

Basic Bitch: Pink/Mute, Clover/Mute, Violet/Mute, Sky/Mute, Sun/Mute