Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poupee Hunt!

Hold on to your Mountain Dew and Cheetos because here comes a long post filled with so much awesome you'll pee! Please excuse some of the pointy bits, jagged edges, etc., I cannot be bothered to edit photos of somewhere between 50-100 items. Let's begin, shall we?Left Skin and Tattoo Makeup on Right Side: My UglyDorothy #1
(Skin on right side is by Pink Fuel and is work multiple times in this post. Hair is from Lamb and is also worn multiple times.)Socks: LoveMe #2
Boots: U.F.O. #3
Shorts Outfit: Pesca #4
Hair: JE Republic #5
Shirt/Vest: Sheep Door #6
Bracelet and Shoes: Accessory Bone & YaYa9 #7
Princess Play House: Mudhoney #8Cardigan: LaViere #12
Skin: Banilacoco
Waist Scarf: Graph
Earrings: BRB
(Tank top by Ohmai, no longer available, and jeans by Milk Motion. Both are NOT part of the hunt!)
Stardust Shirt: Boing Fromage #14
Polka Dot Shirt: Sleepy Eddy #17
Tattoo: Endlix #15
Vest and Glasses: Boom #16
(Skin is from Pink Fuel, not part of the hunt)
Read More After the Cut!

Shirt and Skirt: Honey Kitty #20
Poses and Painting: Marukin #Skins: Mother Goose's #19Colorful Earrings and Piercings: Glow Studio #21
Dollies: Naminoke #22
Spock Shirt: Arnadi #23
Do the Joy Shirt: Bingo #24
Plaid Top: Miseria #25
Bag: Tokidoki #27Headband and Animal Face Tattoo: Pink Ribbon 21 #28
Shirt and Doll Face Tattoo: Pididdle #29
Brown Eyes: Rozena #30Mustache Ring: Undefined Lillies #31
Reptile Leggings, Brown Shirt, Green Shirt: Somapop/Diapop #32
Blue Dress: Bonne Chance #34
White Dress: Pure Style #41
(Skin on the far right is from Mother Goose's and is not part of the hunt. Sweatpants are from Ohmai and are not part of the hunt but they ARE only 1L!)
Shirts: Beautiful Creatures #35House: True Love Never Dies #26
Bunny Bed: Art Dummy #33
Necklace: I Love Fashion #36
Shirt: Kyoko Couture #37
Shapes: CS Shapes #38
Flowers: The Sugar Garden #40
Bag: Danchu #43
Dress and Shoes: S@bbia #47Hair w/Texture Change Hat: Wildo #41
BackPack Purse: Mocha #46
Butterfly Particle Emitter: Dal Store #44 (works when typing)
Happy Birthday Headband: Spring Field #48
Head Animal: LittleGirl #50
Shirt: Gato #51House and Pony w/Poses: Doremi #49

I have to say this hunt has more "keepers" than almost any hunt I am done. Bravo Sopha for running this amazing event! I apologize if any slurls are wrong, stores missing, store numbers wrong, etc. If there is something needing to be fixed please let me know in the comments! Hunt ends May 7th and the official blog is HERE. You can find hints there!

Additional Notes:
-#42 was no out when I wrote this.
-The previous #39 in the hunt was Ohmai, but the store is no longer participating. Numbers of the items ins tore vs. on the store blog or this blog might not match up perfectly because of this.
-Some stores have more than one item

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