Thursday, July 28, 2011

Albero Summer Gacha Fest 7/27 ~ 8/31

It is time for the Albero Summer Gacha Fest! So if your anything like me, get yourself down there
and cha ching all your lindens away :) There are some amazing deals to be had!

napolly ~ Caps 25L

True Love Never Dies ~ Furniture 20L

Sway's ~ Bikinis 45L 

Dark Mouse ~ Necklaces 45L per play

Umwelt ~ Decals & Skyboxes 25L & 24L per play

Undefined Lillies ~ Necklaces  99L per play

u.f.o. ~ Hairbows 30L & Rings 25L per play

North West ~ Candles & Vintage Posters 25L per play

Rude Rebel ~Bikinis  & Sandals 30L per play

!bang ~ Lil & Big Bear Hugs 45L per play

Rozena ~ Baby Cheek & Gloss 30L

Croire ~ Ladylike Hooks 30L

Nanuk ~ Tanks 49L

Nerd Project ~ Loafers 50L

OliveJuice ~ I Heart Ice Cream poses 40L

Molto Bene! ~ Waters Edge Bungalow 50L

Cluttered Flowey ~  DIY Table 40L

Cleo Design ~ Summer Chairs, Beach Towels & Pool 45L

Glow Studio ~ Necklace 30L

Alpha Villain ~ Glasses 40L

OwlToast ~ Glasses 15L, Necklaces 20L & Skins 100L or Random 10L

Mebbery ~ Beach Seat 55L

SonicMonkey ~ Sweatshirts 40L

Le Bloom ~ Outfits 75L

Starstruck ~ Lanterns 50L

Comfy Within ~ Assorted Furniture 99L

DLab ~ Mermaids 30L

Naminoke ~ Anklets 25L, Bunny Heads 30L, Totebags 35L

Miamai ~ Mermaids Hair 70L

A.D.D Andel! ~ Cones & Snow Cones 35L

Epic ~ Backpacks 179L

U&R Dogs ~ Earrings 70L

Cheek Fun Art ~ 15L

Bliensen & Maitai ~ Handbag 99L

FIR & MNA ~ Twine Shoes 50L

Robin(Sojourner)Wood ~ Flip Flops 30L

Ingenue ~ Playsuit 50L

Mocha ~ Charm Necklace 50L

This is Fawn ~ Swimsuits 35L

Cheeky Pea ~ Cafe Tables 50L ~ Necklace 60L, Earrings 25L

Kissed by Lithium ~ Eyeshadow 15L

Jolly Farm ~ Animal Cube w/Poses 50L

Ayla's ~ Tops & Skirts 35L

dfo ~ I like Your Face Poses 20L

Teefy ~ Ruffles Cami 55L

a.e.meth ~ Eyeshadows,Eyeliners 20L, Totebags 40L

Larnia Kids ~ Charms, Ladybug, Eyes 25L, Shirts 35L Sundress's 75L

Status ~ Poses 25L

Lolapop! ~ Candy Eyeshadows 10L

Pygar's ~ Kewt Assorted Toys 5L, 7L & 25L

Evie's Closet ~ Mer Munch 40L

beetlebones ~ Gacha Bear 30L

Adore & Abhor ~ Cateye Eyeshadow 25L

Pestle & Twig ~ Lipgloss 30L, Rose Ring 35L

Mycophile ~ Assorted Rubbers 30L

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