Saturday, August 20, 2011

Project Themeory ~ Week 63 Celebretize Yourself!

Project Themeory Time again, A few Mia's today.
I could not find What Next, Mocha or Nordari.
Raw House is not in it's usual place, but this vendor is next to the Themeory Sign,
And CheerNo is a repeat from a few weeks back.
But that did not stop this Shop-o-holic from picking up more than a few goodies! ;)

Raw House ~ Tears Tattoo Layer 40L

CheerNo Homme ~ Umbrella w/Rain 75L (Last weeks Item?)

[Slutcookie] ~ FLy Top in 4 Colors 75L

MOOD ~ Aqua Duchess Fascinator 75L

Candy Mountain ~ Cherry Killer Makeup 75L

croire ~ Zooey Dresses 75L each

Peqe ~ Platinum Antique Tee 75L

Willow ~ The Chicago Dress ~ Black Widow 75L

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