Friday, August 5, 2011

Grunge Soul Project

   Are you ready for a post with a trillion pictures?  You better be!  Also be warned there are some NSFW photos here after the cut because of half nudie vendor shots. :P  Here is some more info. on the GSP, taken from a previous Circadian post xD:
   The Grunge Soul Project (GSP) is a place where you can find high quality items from skins to clothes for a low price, 75-100L, in Urban, Modern, Sexy or Grunge Styles for both men and women. Each GSP session will last three weeks. Every new item will be exclusive for the GSP during the session. That means you will only find them here.

1. Ines Creations The Little Dress Black 100L

2. Shush Baggy Sweatpants Outfit Red 100L

3. Sourires Animal Socks Snake 75L

4. Sourires Mehndi Pants Turquesa 80L and Animal Socks Cow 75L

5. Poison Bal Bag Red 90L

6. Katsuicide Stop Bitching Me Dress 75L

7. X-Ray Back Off Tank 60L

8. Ohara Denim Overall  Short- Blue 90L

9. Onyx Wear Mardi Lifted Shirt Growl 69L

10. Birdy High Waist Leggings Leopard Print 100L

11. Acide Chained Necklace 100L


1. Hoddies Hoodies 75L each

2. Razorblade Jacket Blown Out Filthy Red Pants 87L

3. Razorblade Jacket Avenge T-Shirt 77L

4. Razorblade Jacket Blow Out Tribal Red Pants 84L

5. Ohara Sweater Shirt Dual 90L

6. Ohara Urban Male Outfit 90L


1. Acide Pique la Ears 98L

2. Delicious Handcuffs 100L each color

3. Blast Baggy Jeans100L each color

4. Scrub Dark Grunge Bracelet 60L

5. AnnaA Exu Body Piercing 66L

6. Acid&Mala Emote Tongues 80L

7. Acide Acidula Set'Z 98L

8. Delusions Fresher Than a Muthafukah Tattoo 90L

9. Delusions Delusional Tattoos 90L

10. Delusions Kill Me If You Can tattoo 80L

11. Hollipocket Dirteh Tats Set 1 99L

12. Repulse Lacerated Full Body Tattoo 100L

13. Katsuicide Jeans Sandal 75L 

14. Buid Tattoo Green Arms 100L


1. Salt and Pepper Carpe Diem Tattoo 90L

2. Salt and Pepper Katie Shape 100L

3. Glue Ink Reach Out Tattoo 100L

4. Katsuicide Maike Skin 86L

5. Salt and Pepper Damien Shape 100L

6. Divine Antonella Skin 80L

7. Katsuicide Maike Skin Tan 86L

8. My Dear Lareina Skin 99L

9. Damned Alice Skin 99L

10. Insufferable Dastard Fade Gloss 60L

11. SoulBody Math Shape 100L

12. SoulBody Pilili Shape 100L

13. SoulBody Rey Shape 100L

14. AnnA Damien Shape 99L

15. SoulBody Jade Shape 100L

16. AnnaA Surpanakha Shape 99L

17. Acide Bianca Shape (was not set for sale but I am contacting the creator so hopefully it will be fixed soon.)

18. Me-I Eos Hair 100L

19. Me-I FFX Hair 100L

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