Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Knitting Circle Bake Sale

Going on  Aug 21 through the 27th.  To the Bake Sale!

!bang - "Our Time" Pose 150L

Illusory - Pre-Release Skin 500L per tone
Atomic - Striped tops, 4 colors 50L each

Aura - Low Rise Skirt, 4 colors 60L each

Awesome Blossom - Chloe Reading Shelf w/ 3 sits 65L
Nerd Bookends 50L
Potted Plant 25L
Reading Lamp 35L

Cheeky Pea - Amisha's Tea and Cupcakes 250L

Cheeky Pea - Getting Ready for the Party 350L

Elefantu - Light up, Rosie! 75L

Haute Monde - Cassandra Clutches, 8 colors 49L each

Funky Junk - Abigail's Recycled Potting Bench 125L

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