Friday, August 26, 2011

La Venta Eventa Week 13

It's Week 13 of La Venta Eventa and there are lots of good things to be found. Check em all out!

Crackberry~ Dining Room Set~50L

Entrophy~Summer Bayou Shack~75L

RezIpsa Loc~Edith the Snake Hair~ 100L

Cracked Mirror~Wand at The Ready Poses~50L

Stellar~Mens Tanks and Jeans~95L

Doremi <3 Hani & Lilu~Vinci Vi House~75L

Heartsick~Skins~ 100L each

Embody~Maddy Shape~69L

Simply Britnee~Ashley Marie Hair Fat Pack~100L

Razorblade Jacket~Outfit~69L

K Rea~Old Nerd Shirt~30L

Weekend Salvage~Modern Goth Set~75L Each

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