Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project Themeory: Go-Green!

*MIA Grixdale is sick IRL and set out her item late. Will be out on Monday as well. 
*MIA CheerNo Homme not out. 
*MIA Piddle not out.
*MIA Whippet & Buck not out. 
*MIA Vive9 not out. 
*MIA Boye not out. 
*MIA Morantique not out
*MIA Toothpick not out

Demo Available
EcoPois No Leather Shoes: Black, Pearl, Beige, Rose
EcoPois No Leather Shoes: Blue, Fuxia, Green, Red. 

It looks pretty. 

Includes: Toffee (as seen in the photo), Starlight & Fever
Two versions (with texture changing daises and without)

6prims recycled lamp bag.
Copy and Mod. 
Nice store if you are into Kawaii, Animeish and Japanese styles.

The Avoca Shirt hemp
Includes Sculpted cuffs and prim
Modify/Copy/No transfer

Comes with 7(seven) sits. 
17 prims; Cute. =3

20 prims plus 2 prim for stack of books, 2 prim for panting. 
Stacks of books: 7 sits.

Tattoo and Eyeshadow.

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