Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project Themeory: Culture Shock!!!!!!

Culture Shock! POW right in the kisser!

MIA: POSH (not out yet.)

MIA: Atelier (not out yet)

MIA: Peqe (not out yet!)

This is interesting outfit. 

Basic Bitch: Pink/Mute, Clover/Mute, Violet/Mute, Sky/Mute, Sun/Mute

Don't know why they wouldn't rez for me. :<

I love this store very much. They come out with the cutest plushies and nomnoms. =3

Dodie: Demo; Blondes, Reds & Darks

Includes: Surfboard coffee table (choice of two textures)
Photo frame (add your own)
Hanging shell decor
Prim Count: Table=3, Photo frame 3 or 4. 
(without/ with shadow)
hanging shells 10 or 11
(without/with shadow)
Copy/Mod/No trans, scripts copy only. 

Belly Bands: Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green & Blue (Fat pack; not in singles. :<)

"Walk like an Egyptian"
(She also has her FLF item still out. =3)

Now, I love this house and the one for Suys. =3 
Primmy, but really nice. =3

Hmm..... You are a dancing queen!!!

This hair is really adorable and a steal. 

 Blacks, Whites, Dark Browns, Light Browns, Reds
Dark Blondes, Light Blondes, Gingers, Rainbow

Ganguro Skin plus Sticker tattoos =3
This is a really awesome store! And glad its doing Themeory. =3
Really cute stuff here so look around

Shape; Twing eyelashes, eyes(maple), blush, lip gloss nude, brow shape, eyeshadow, stars. 

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