Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Happy Wednesday and welcome to my T.G.I.50L post!

This week's list is:

Ritz - Mario Sweater

Evol - Dark and Pale Basic Skins (with ten makeups)

Bait - Rockstar Pants

Obsidian Desires - Old Joe Couches(Any color)

Line - Ekilem (Lime & Pink) and Gia jewelry (Red & Pink)

Babycakes - Color Change Steampunk Jet Sneakers

Bellies - Lawn Gnome Backpack/Decoration

Petal's Place - Princess Dress (Paper Daisies)

JCz - Lost Tee

American Baazar - Jyza top (Pink)

Rock Affair ( and Atheos ( were on the list as well, but it didn't look like they'd put their items out yet.

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