Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday 2/27/11

Hi there again! It's that time. Lazy Sunday is upon us. Sorry it's so late, I tried to wait up and do it last night but I didn't get the notice until real late, and then I got up late today... sooo... here it is.

Absolution had these hot dresses for us, two colors sold separately.

These very awesome tattoo layers from The Plastik. <3

What Next has some pretty pretty Lanterns! -

Holli Pocket made some cute Lacey Flower Tops in two colors for one price. -

Addiction Jewelry set this darlin' Double Heart Charm Necklace out. -

Babycakes made these funky Steampunk Sneakers. -

Just a Pose has these great Modeling Poses. They come with sizes for bigger girls! Which I love. I already can't turn down a good pose set, but these are a must have for me, since I'm a chubby avi myself. -

Buttons put out this cool artists desk set. I love this store, they have great stuff and it's always at a really awesome price. -

Ibizarre has this cute outfit. -

Kosh has these neat new decorations for your house. A picture tree and a candle holder. -

Cool Beans made a Pilates outfit. -

Ingenue (Which is absolutely my favorite store in all of SL) came out with these suuuuper cute Penelope Blouses. Four colors to choose from, sold separately. -

MudHoney made a cute patio set. -

Infinite Furniture has a Bench. -

Pinkytoast has this skin. -

Candydoll also has a really cute skin, I love their skins they are always super soft and sweet. -

Baffle has this neat pose set for socks. It comes with the socks in one color, but you can buy the socks in other colors too. The pose set is 70L and the extra socks are only 50L a piece. -

Scusi has a Picture viewer. Put your own pictures in and it will change between them. -

Amperlope has some eyes. -

And that's all for this week folks. Toodles!

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