Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moody Mondays Week 29

Moody Mondays brings you a list of interesting designers offering some of the very best merchandise in SL. All merchants on this list have a new or exclusive edition item out for just L$55 - Monday, Oct. 23! Whether you're interest in beauty, fashion, accessories, home decor or photography poses, you will find incredible deals with Moody Mondays!

Elymode - Elysium Eilde

Crackberry - Jemima Clowes

Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Carlotta Ceawlin

Clutter - Kat Alderson

Gems & Kisses - Deliziosa Vendetta

DeSSion - Sion Bedrosian

JLZ - JL Zinner

Tranquility Way Station Designs - Lyta McKeenan

Cleo Design - Cleom Bailey

Piddler's Perch - Rowan Attis

Snowpaw's - Carrie Snowpaw

LeBloom - Lawra Fredrickson

Trowix - Vix Delvalle

Beach Street - Heath Pevensey

Dragon Magick Wares - Dragonia Decuir

Magnifique Poses - Scarlet Chandrayaan

Mystic Canvass - Lara Darkbyrd

Park Place Home Decor - DeAnn Dufaux

Red Robin Jewellery - Mozard Loordes

STaTuS - Gidge Uriza

Zoe's Garden - Adele Rhiadra


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