Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Witch Hunt 2011

Welcome to The Witch Hunt 2011! Forty-seven (47) of the most creative designers on the grid have come together to bring you a L$10 hunt of awesomeness! Not only can you hit the store names on this post for a teleport, you can get a notecard of landmarks and SLURLs in world by joining The Witch Hunters 2011 group, or by IMing Kat Alderson!

The hunt runs from now through September 30th - why not get started now? Here's the object you're looking for:

Here are the places to look:

Morphe Inc - Abel Dreamscape

Wretched Dollies - Star Fairymeadow

Wretched Dollies

!bang Poses - Trieste Minuet

*elymode* - Elysium Eilde

Dragon Magick Wares - Dragonia Decuir

Awesome Blossom - Clemetine Ishtari

Clutter - Kat Alderson

Dark Mouse Jewelry - Mouse Mimistrobell

Zoe's Garden - Adele Rhiadra

LeBloom - Lawra Fredrickson - Three gifts to find!

Crackberry - Jemima Clowes

Cheeky Pea - Isla Gealach

Nyte'N'Day - Nyte Caligari

aDORKable Poses - Adorkable Peapod

fucifino- TrinityBelle Meriman

Tranquility Way Station Designs - Lyta McKeenan

MOOD - Jori Watler

STELLAR by Lexi Morgan - Lexi Morgan - Three gifts to search for!

Adam n Eve - Sachi Vixen

Galland Homes - Robert Galland

A.D.D. Andel - Andel Rhiadra

Entropy - Chaotic Monday

Ayla's - Ayla Verity

L'aize Dayz - Heavenly Villa

Park Place Home Decor - DeAnn Dufaux

Hatpins - Reghan Straaf

Prickle - Darkley Aeon

SYSY's - SySy Chapman

=Hoot= - Averie Larnia

STaTuS - Gidge Uriza

Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Carlotta Ceawlin

Cracked Mirror - Cracked Mirror

Khargo - Selkie Flatley

Little Boxes - Sesi Ackland

doremi, <3 hani & lilu - Hani Cheng, Lilu Cheng

Marmalade Jam - Katy Glendevon

Mystic Canvass - Lara Darkbyrd

Ivalde - Nefaria Abel

Fuzzy Bee - Quinby Hancroft

eklectik Furniture - Angie Mornington

Embody Shapes & Poses - Lucie Bluebird

Tree and Ocean SL - Quinlan Quimby - Three gifts to search for!

Sweet Antidote - Noena Merlin - Two gifts to search for!

Stakey - Raymoond Ohmai

[Virtual Insanity] - Loviathar Hellman - Shhhh, the gift is a secret!

HomeKraft - GM Nikolaidis

Petticoat Lane - Katey Coppola

Glitterati - Katey Coppola

NOTE: Due to extenuating circumstances, Virtual Insanity, HomeKraft, Petticoat Lane, and Glitterati have no pictures available at this time. However, we can assure you their items are just as wonderful as all the rest!

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