Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday -Week 56

Only 2 Mia's Today, ABODE (which will be out later)
and Turquoise Unicorn Studios.

Boathouse Cottage Planters & Sign 75L

Monica Med Special Edition 75L

Journey Set 75L

Status Update: Taken Shirt 50L

Status Update: Single Shirt 50L

Cache-Coeur Wine 50L or Striped Soul Blossoms Bra 25L

Nebula Ring 55L

Dora Camisole Rust 55L

Lauren Skin 50L

Bathing Beauty Bikinis 75L each

Amaris Dresser 75L

Bilson Wedges 75L each

Symphony Violin Pose Prop 75L

Dark Perly Kiss 70L

Once Upon a CLoud Prop Pose 75L

BonBon Earrings 50L

Hermione Necklace or Violet Dresses 75L each

bohemian summer{yellow couch} 75L

bohemian summer{blue couch} 75L

bohemian summer{pink couch} 75L

 IONo-Bu Beach Shack 50L

1 comment:

  1. lots of nice stuff! Gonna have to log in and go shoppin!