Monday, May 2, 2011

Guild of Gloom Carnival Sinister

it's a cute little carnival with each merchant having one or two vendors
set to charity. The proceeds going to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
There are other vendors but I'm only showing the charity ones :)

{Violet Voltaire} Freak Show Necklace 300L

Gilded Gypsy Tat 75L & Gilded Gypsy Hat 75L.

..::Beauty Killer::.. Starnival Umbrella's 150L & ..::Beauty Killer::.. Carnival Girl 200L

ImmateriA ~Carnivale Sinistre~ 275L

 [noctis] Vintage Popcorn Machine dirty and clean versions 245L

REPULSE - Fallen Tattoo + Eyes 100L

*DillyDolls* Dola Overbust Corsets - White 100L

 Dead Bunny - Ring Leader Panda Avatar 200L

PunkD Out Carnivalee (gals) 200L & PunkD Out Carnivalee (guys) 200L

DDD_ribbon necktie_Blood 140L & DDD_ribbon necktie_forest 140L

Belle Morte - Sideshow Girl Outfit 150L

~.:.Hysteria.:.~ The punishment 75L

Squeek!:: makeup 80L

Hooligan Complete RingMaster outfit 150L

 IA:: Carousel Dress (Snow) - $300L

Sweet Nirvana Carousel 100L

 *PH* Mrs. Dooms Avatar - $150L

Indigo Oddities Evil Evie - $200L

Tainted Cupcakes - Carnival Sinistre - Tentacle Delight - $100L

RAzorblade Jacket - sawblade face 129L


 LIKKA*HOUSE Patsy-circus & parade-100L

lmb} {carnivale.fin - $100L

## CI ## rusty kitchen knives anims 50L

 Savoir Faire Shapes - Gretta Doll Shape 250L

 Favole -Temperance Hooves 200L & Favole- Diablo Horns 80L

[bubble] Carnival Eye-Patch Set 125L

Poena- Lollipop Painting 500L & Beat Up Face Tattoo 50L

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