Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chic Limited 4-16

New Chic Limited collection started yesterday the 16th. 
Doo eeett!.

Elemiah Design for Chic Limited - Kali  200L

[ bubble ] Blossom Babydoll 200L

sur+ [hanami] 200L

-CandyDoll- Tami skin 500L

[White~Widow - Face Tattoo] 200L

{SMS} Babydoll Dress Chic Limited 160L

Donna Flora PETALS 200-300L 
Shoes 300L

KHUSH - Joggers 225L

peqe 80L tops 180L pamts

eleanor rigby. maggie mae: cherry limited full 750L

STaTUS - Blossum w/fan 5 Pose  Set 100L set 25L each

Miamai_[BlackLabel]_SakuraRevealed 600L

GK - Stylized Blossom for CHIC LIMITED 149L

Bare Sensual Skin 250L

[-BLUE SKY-] "Sakura Trailer" Skybox - CHIC Limited 450L

** [ Riddle ] ** Sakura Tunic - 250L

Magoa - Laura Shirt 45L

P10 Gemini Heels Cherry Blossom 390L

<< Mannequin >> Blossom Elegance Set 125L

::je::suis::fiere::earrings-CHIC limited 99L

-Glam Affair- B.t.W. - outfit and skin 500L

*LC* - Cherry Blossom Necklace  100L

[bellballs] Cherry Blossom Disc Set 99L

! Bliss Basic ! Tutu Paint Stain Jeans 189L

SM - Cherry Blossoms   200L

[N'soul] Cherry Blossom Shirt - 75L

*Funky*Junk* Blossom 299L

Absolution - Blossom Skin Set 599L

ROZENA ~Spring Lip Balm~ pack3 60L

.: vive9 :. tank, shorts and scarf 75L each

Orion - Arienette 150L

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